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The aftermath dislocation principle parts I and II

A miniature post-apocalyptic world, burned, looted and devoid of all human life apart from a swell of police make up british artist james cauty’s ‘the aftermath dislocation principle part I’. 

The construction is a vast 1:87 scale model detailing the a desolate, charred aftermath of what appears to have been a crazed riot in london. the only visible populace are the 5,000 or so police at the scene armed with vans and weapons ready to control and quell. the whole scene is set into motion for the exhibition, as ambulance and street lights strobe in the darkness. as part of the show the 300 glass jars with tiny dystopian scenes that make up ‘the aftermath dislocation principle part II’ are on diplay. locked inside jars are isolated vignettes of the riot, capturing specific moments of the dramatic incident. the artwork is a product of months of labor intensive work, building the model using traditional techniques. after its completion, he shattered, smashed, and broke the construction to emulate a destructive scene. 


James Francis Cauty (commonly known as Jimmy or Jimi Cauty, also known as Rockman Rock) (born 19 December 1956) is a British artist and musician born in Liverpool, England. Cauty is best known as one half of the hitmaking duo The KLF; as co-founder of The Orb and a leading innovator in the birth of the ambient house genre; and as the man who burnt one million pounds.


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